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Fast and painless shortcut links. Redirection without registration.
No redirections anymore. Sorry, but my hoster ( doesnt like free redirection services and blocks ALL my sites on any possible occassion.

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Whats a Well - it is free url redirection service, but with a little twist. We don't need any registration - just enter your long link, and get short one in matter of seconds.

How it can be of use? Simple - for example, you want to send some funny picture to your friend, but can't. Can't because mail client keeps on breaking long url into few lines.

Struggle no more! Link of any lenghth can be turned into something like:

Just enter your long and ugly url into field above, click button and get your shotened version. Easy as that.

You can use manual mode as well - but keeep in mind, only a to Z and 0 to 9 characters allowed, and lenght must be from 2 to 199.

Some parts of this site uses cookies, so if your browser doesn't support them, you will be unable to choose language, and to be reminded of your last 10 shortcuts. Everything else should be working as intended.

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